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Fr Kyrill Williams

Fr Kyrill was born and raised in north Texas. His life in Christ was grounded by his mother reading stories from the Bible and learning to pray. A life in Christ began in earnest when he started attending youth group at a local Baptist church. Youth ministry eventually became a vocation for the next 20 years as he served in various evangelical congregations, including mission trips to Russia beginning in 1997. It was on these trips that the earliest seeds of Orthodoxy were planted. Upon graduating from Dallas Baptist University in 1999, Fr Kyrill continued serving in a local youth group and traveling to Russia, coordinating summer camps for orphanages in the Vladimir and Kostroma regions. In 2002, Fr Kyrill lived in the city of Kostroma for a year. Upon returning to the US, he moved to Colorado Springs, eventually visiting Holy Theophany Orthodox Church. As a catechumen, he traveled with a group form the church to Spruce Island, Alaska, the home of St Herman. There, in Monk’s Lagoon, Fr Anthony Karbo baptized the catechumen. Shortly thereafter, Fr Kyrill felt the calling to seminary and began seeking the Lord’s guidance. God bless this endeavor, and he entered St Tikhon’s Seminary in Pennsylvania in August of 2005, graduating with a Master’s of Divinity in 2008. While working for the seminary, he was ordained to the Holy Diaconate on the Feast of St Herman (December 13) in 2008, and to the Holy Priesthood on Annunciation, 2009. He served as pastor to Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Safety Harbor, FL from 2009-2013, and moved to Denver to served in the historic Holy Transfiguration Cathedral until 2017. Returning to Florida, Fr Kyrill began the Chaplain training program at Tampa General Hospital in the summer of 2017, completing the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program in 2019. During this program, he served across the state at St Simeon Orthodox Church in Titusville. Providentially, Fr Kyrill moved to Titusville in December of 2019 to begin serving as pastor as well as a hospice chaplain in Braved County. 

Deacon Vasily Balbay

Born on August 2nd, 1955 in Kocagol, Turkey in an Old Believer family. Started learning Church Slavonic from my grandfather at 4 years old. Started to read in Church at 6 years old.

Emigrated to US in June of 1963 and settled in Paterson, NJ. Attended St. Michael the Archangel Church and Russian school.

In 1966 started summer Church School Camp in July and August with the ever-memorable Bishop Daniel of Erie. These summers continued till 1973.  In 1966 became friends at the Camp with the current retired Bishop Jerome. Camp was actually run like the Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary.

Wake up at 5:00AM, Morning prayers, Nocturns, Matins and First Hour. Tea with light breakfast, and various subjects of Study 9-12.  3rd, 6th hours followed by Typica. Lunch followed by working in the print shop. I learned how to work the Linotype, How to set up the print trays, spread ink and run the press. Use the guillotine to trim the books and then to bind them. Some free time in the woods and on the river then 9th hour and vespers followed by supper. Compline after supper followed by reading time and lights out by 10.

Met Matushka Margaret working at a glass factory in 1975 and by October of 1976 we were married by my best friend Father John Shaw. (The current Bishop Jerome). Married life consisted of various jobs and moves to different areas eithert in NJ or even Maine. Along the way, in July of 1980 we had a daughter.

We moved back to NJ and our home area of Jackson in 1988 in time to celebrate the 1000 year anniversary of the Baptism of Rus at St. Vladimir Memorial Church. We attended St. Vladimir Memorial all those years. Finally Fathers Boris and Philip found a way to get me into the clergy.  Secretly they persuaded Matushka and on January 18, 1997 after the Vigil for the Theophany, the ever-memorable Metropolitan Laurus (at that time Archbishop of Syracuse and Holy Trinity) told me in no uncertain terms to go to a life confession. I turned to see both Fathers smiling at me, actually ready to laughh because as they said, I looked like a deer in the headlights. Since January 19th was the 40th anniversary of Father Boris's ordination to the priesthood , I went to confession to Father Philip. 

On the Feast of Theophany January 19, 1997 I was tonsured as Reader.  On July 27 the Celebration of the Patronal feast of the church, Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal and Canada elevated me to Subdeacon.

In October of 2001 we moved to Cocoa, Florida and by the blessing of Metropolitan Laurus started attending St. Simeon Orthodox Church in Titusville. For many months only Matushka would attend because of my job. Finally reached enough seniority at my job to have all Sunday off and started attending regularly.

While Bishop Jerome was visiting me at my home. He also managed to convince my Matushka that I should become a deacon. He told me in no uncertain terms to go for a lifr confession and then on Saturday February 11, 2012 at St. Matrona Church in Hollywood, FL, he ordained me a Deacon. On May 12, 2017, the current Metropolitan Nicholas granted me the award to wear the double orarion.


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